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pay tribute to the ordinary egger--

after the condolence trip, i always want to write something to express my gratitude and gratitude to you!

the spring festival is the chinese people's expectation for a year, and everyone is eager to go home for reunion.

it was supposed to be a bustling new year. everyone had their own cats in their own nest to pay new year's greetings and screen blessings.

however, there are always some people who leave their small homes to take care of the overall situation and go to the front line without hesitation.

how can there be so many quiet years in life, but someone is carrying the weight for you!!

towering mountains,

deep gullies,

a rare crowd,

harsh working environment,

you choose to stick to it!

you, fearless of the epidemic, go overseas bravely;

you are walking between the rails in cold winter and hot summer;

you are busy on the railway line day and night;

in the middle of the night, he dragged his tired body into the cold quilt.

you, never tell those hardships, never complain about those heartache;

you cover up your fatigue with a smile and infect everyone with optimism;

always fight at the forefront.

how did you abandon your affectionate company with your family;

how you postpone your marriage time after time;

how do you complain that you can't be filial when your parents are ill;

how do you endure the flood in your home and the family's lack of faith, but still calmly stick to the front line;

just for a sense of mission!

you will also be tired and wronged,

there will also be tossing and turning restless early in the morning and collapsing to the ground at night.

you are not iron giants that cannot be defeated,

but you have built a peaceful world for us with your thin body and straight back.

the only thing i can do is to listen and feel with the words under my keyboard!

china's railways extend in all directions,

hometown is no longer far away,

the road of homesickness is no longer long!

and all this, because of your selfless dedication,

let time and space shorten and travel thousands of miles a day become a reality.

every one of you who choose to undertake this important task,

they are the greatest, best and most handsome of egger,

it is also the most distressing hero!

thank you for sticking to your posts!

i would like to pay high tribute to all egger people who stick to the front line!!!