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new employee orientation training

aigre held the first batch of 2023 new employee orientation training from february 13th to 14th, with six new employees attended the pre-job training.

on the first day, training will focus on the company's development history, corporate vision and mission, organizational structure, rules and regulations, workflow, compensation, benefits, and etc. it will helps new employees quickly familiarize themselves with of the company, as soon as possible to adapt to the work environment and position. the next day, the aigre's general manager lv qibing carried out professional knowledge training. at the meeting, mr. lv vividly explained the principle of rail flash welding and made a detailed introduction to flash welding technology, flash welding equipment and applications.

new employees will further deepen their understanding of the company and products through this training and they will have a clearer goal for their future work.

finally, mr. lv hopes that everyone will be proactive, diligent in their future work and become an important force for the rapid development of the aigre as soon as possible.