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the ninth modern railways




on 22nd june 2009, the ninth modern railways was ceremoniously held in shanghai. 180 railway industries enterprises from a total of more than 10 countries and regions of the world participate in the exhibition. 

vice general manager qibinglvdeyangluotechnical director keshuntan leaded research and development departmentmanufacture plantmarketing department and office to shanghai to participate the distinguished meeting of railway industries. our company carefully prepared brochurescd and posters to display un5-150z container-type rail flash-butt welding machineun5-150g fixed flash-butt welding machine miniature numerical control pressure rail welding machine and fittings which our company mainly develop and get to market.

deputy director chaoying li of the ministry of railway technology department, section chief baoshi huo came to our exhibition booth personally, and listened to manager lv’s report about the development of our company. they hoped our company fully exert the advantages of technology and service, strengthen platform development, and enhance the capability of independent innovation. in the exhibition, we exchanged ideas with the leaders and experts from china railway first group co., ltd, china railway no.5 engineering group co., ltd, kunming china railway group and other nearly 20 units. we built a good relationship with these old friends during the long-standing cooperation. they made a higher appraisal to the technical meritproduct qualityservice and reputation of our company, showed great confidence to our company and were optimistic about to us. all the participants who master certain professional standards at home and abroad were interested in our products and technologies, they inquired product features, functions and parameters in detail, some customers said in the near future they will arrange the time to come to our company to inspection, research and study.

on june 25th, the exhibition concluded, the exhibition of our company was concluded successfully with plentiful achievements. four days’ appearances in the ninth modern railways, aigre electromechanical device co., ltd fully displayed a good corporate image to the world, strengthen relationship with old customers and got acquainted with a huge number of new customers, and expanded development channel. on this basis, aigre people will make aigre electromechanical device co. a high-tech rail welding equipment r&d and production base in high spirits.