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dragon boat festival, celebrate at home!

the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, the fragrance of rice dumpling was floating every corner of globe of our big family: aigre. with the festive atmosphere, our crew spent a memorable dragon boat festival in aigre big family.

in order to make everyone eat delicious rich dumplings and salted duck eggs in festival, yuehui liulibing yue and other employees spared no pains to choose first-class materials, cooked savory and delicious festival main food elaborately. when colleagues expressed their sincerely thanks, they smiled: “we are not tired, so long as everyone feels satisfied and happy, we are on top of the world.” simple words but warm everybody.

company leaders’ kind greeting made the festival atmosphere to a climax. vice-president lv director wang sent pockets of warm rice dumpling to every staff in hand. we felt leaders’ care and enjoyed the family warmth in aigre.

this dragon boat festival, we spent a dependable, happy festival at home, aigre.