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un5-150zb mobile flash rail welding machine

product features


removing knob by pressure.

two ways of removing knob: hanging and removing the knob removing tool by artificial or not by artificial ( the combination of welding head and knob removing tool by pressure).

adopting transverse clamping method ensures the quality and reliability of upset forging.

adopting large clamping force and large upsetting force which is very suitable for site track unit welding   and locking welding construction of heavy loads and high speed railway.



main technical parameters


maximum welding distance(mm):120

maximum welding sectional area(mm²):12000

rated pressure of hydraulic system(mpa):21

rated upset force(kn):1200

clamping force(kn):3000

welding head weight(kg): 4500

welding head size(length *width *height): 1915*1060*1237mm




43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m, bs80, bs90, uic50, uic60, etc.