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dmj-4 weld rough grinding machine


products introduction


suitable for postweld seam treatment in the welding base, available for profile grinding 60kg/m, 43kg/m, 50kg/m,75kg/m. with aigre tech.'s patented design, which can self-test the consumption of grinding wheels and realize the automatic grinding of the rail top, rail double side, rail bottom. the machine improving the traditional manual mode to automatic grinding, with labor strength reduced, labor cost reduced, efficiency and seam quality improved, pollution reduced.




1the human-machine interface is friendly. the operation is simple and convenient, and the show is ocular and clear.

2high grinding efficiency, and the grinding time of single joint ≤ 5min.

3the grinding precision of rail top is 0.1mm, the grinding precision of rail bottom is 0.1mm, and the height of welding spot is 0.3mm after grinding.  

4the machine could move along with the rail direction at 2-6m/min (variable frequency adjustable).

5with safety protection function, it can interlock with roller line automatically and manually. 

6the dust removal system meets the indoor discharge standards and meets the environmental protection requirement.